Roush Performance

Jack Roush has had a career working on the development of Ford engines since 1964 and headed up his own racing team and tuning business since the 1970s. He is still there, and Roush racing and engine tuning still represent the pinnacle of Ford Performance Engineering today. 

JE Motorworks has developed a good relationship with the Roush high performance engine team as their premier supplier for the UK market. JE supply the Roush range of engines and support customers’ work in installing and using these excellent power units. 


The prime focus for the UK market is the technologically advanced 4-cam Ford Coyote V8 engines which have great capacity for tuning. In RSC Supercharged form, the engine offers 610bhp and torque of 710Nm. 

The normally aspirated SR version offers 460 bhp and 560Nm, which is more than the standard Mustang 5.0 unit. 

If you’re looking for a crate engine for a classic Ford Sportscar or Truck, we can supply engines from the Roush range of high performance motors based on the older engine types including versions of small block Windsor and Cleveland engines, FE engines, and later big block engines including units of up to 588ci. (over 9.6 litres) capacity. 


JE can support customers with installations on both carburettor and fuel injection engine types. 

JE also offer compatible transmissions including the Ford 6R80 6-speed automatic gearbox with electronic control and have the capability to tune the gearbox characteristics for your project.

Roush SR.PNG