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How to Attach a Large Square Mixer Kitchen Faucet to a Kitchen Sink Pipe Connector

A large square mixer kitchen faucet needs a special connector to attach to a kitchen sink. There are two parts to the adapter - a black hose and a grey quick connect. Before starting, make sure to turn off the hot water valves and place a bucket beneath the connections. Once the valves are turned off, turn on the faucet and release the water pressure. While holding the quick connect and the hose, install the white kitchen sink pipe connector.

Remove the faucet

First, you'll need to remove your faucet. It may be a big square type. If so, take a picture of it so that you can better understand how to attach it to your kitchen sink. You can also try unscrewing the set screw. Next, use a flat washer to prevent leakage. Then, place a bucket under the connections and turn on the water. The water should run and then turn off.

Use a bucket

Once the water is running, remove the faucet and connect the new one. To test the connection, use a bucket to catch the water. If you are not comfortable using a hose, you can buy a plastic one. These are much cheaper, but they are less refined and might break easily. Prices can range from $100 to $300. The more components, the higher the price. After you've removed the faucet and the connector, install the new one.

Consider the style

Once you've completed all the steps above, you can install the new faucet on the kitchen sink. You can either buy a commercial faucet or a DIY model. Just make sure to measure the length of your sink's plumbing before buying the unit. It's important to consider the style of the new faucet. Regardless of its price, it should fit in your budget. Then, you can get the plumbing connection to your kitchen sink.

After you've installed the large square mixer Kitchen Faucet by Nivito ( to the kitchen sink pipe connector, you can now attach the new one to the other. To do this, you'll need to use a brass hose adapter with a set screw. Then, slide the white plastic quick connect into the hole. To test the security of the connector, turn on the water and turn off the water. Then, connect the new hose.

Install a large square mixer

To install a large square mixer to the kitchen sink pipe connector, place a bucket underneath the connections. If you're using a brass hose adapter, you need to insert it into the holes of the kitchen sink. Using the hose adapter will prevent any water pressure from escaping. Once you've attached the new hose, you need to remove the old one. To remove the old one, you should first turn off the water.


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