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Vacuum Comparisons: Shark NV352 Vs. Shark NV360

Shark has been one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews on the market. So, if you are looking to purchase a vacuum machine for your home or office, you probably have come across Shark. They have all types of vacuum cleaners, from innovative cordless vacuums, traditional canister vacuums to impressive robot vacuums and other premium models. Shark is known for producing affordable, high-quality, and multi-functional vacuum cleaners for years.

This article will introduce you to two of their most popular vacuum cleaners: Shark NV352 vs. Shark NV360. At first glance, these two models might look similar, but they have many different features and uses. You might ask, what is the best vacuum cleaner out of the two models?

Read more to find out!

Shark NV352 Vs. Shark NV360: Pros and Cons

After our examination, we understand that both of these models are extremely similar; they weigh 12.5 pounds each and have comparable item dimensions.

Shark NV352


· Lightweight

· Detachable canister for stair cleaning

· HEPA filtration system

· Swivel steering


· Hard to reach under low furniture

Shark NV360


· Strong power suction

· Get rid of small debris.

· Great at pet hair removal


· Short power cord

What Do They Have in Common?

They both feature the Shark Navigator Lift Away technology, which means you can use them as upright vacuums and portable "handheld" vacuums with detached canisters for stairs and hard-to-reach areas.

· Both NV352 and NV360 vacuums come with swivel steering that allows full control at navigating around tight corners.

· They both weigh around the same with the same price tag, which is under $200.

· They both feature HEPA filters and an anti-allergen seal system that keep 99.9 percent of allergens inside the machine.

· Their power cord length is about 25 feet, which is great for small homes and apartments.

· Their brush roll on/off feature helps with switching from cleaning hardwood floors to carpet.

What Tells Them Apart?

After we learned about their pros & cons and what is similar between these two models, let's talk about what makes them unique. Please keep in mind that it all comes down to your personal needs when picking which individual factors best suit you. We hope that this will help you find The Best Vacuum Cleaner for your home.

Canister Capacity

The Shark NV352 features a 1.1-quart canister capacity, while the NV360 has a 1.2-quart capacity. They are both detachable canisters for above-flooring cleaning. Although this might not be a big difference, a slightly larger canister might be the most suitable for some buyers.

We also tested on both products and found out that we can remove the canister from Shark NV360 with ease. On the other hand, it takes a longer time to detach the NV352's canister from its main unit.


The Shark NV352 and NV360 Navigator Lift-Away vacuum might look similar on the outside; they come with many different attachments with respective uses. The NV352 features a brush tool and crevice tool for irritating corners and stairs. The NV352 also comes with a power brush for pet owners who want to clear all the stubborn animal hair.

The NV360 also comes with a power brush and crevice tool. However, they feature two extra attachments: an extendable wand to reach under low furnishings and a dust brush for cobwebs removal.


Both the Shark NV352 and NV360 are in the top 10 vacuum cleaners with high performance and great portability. If you love our comparisons, follow us for more reviews.


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