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Responses from our customers

Rusi - Bulgaria

Software Upgrade

I received your kit for increasing power. I mounted it.

I’m very satisfied!!!

I’m ready to work with you for the future to increase the power of my Defender 2.2 TDCI.

Eddie - Leamington Spa, UK

Software Upgrade, Suspension

Just back from collecting the car and wow, what a difference. I am delighted, the suspension makes it feel like a completely different car and most definitely more power with the tune plus. Love it.

Jon - Isle of Man, UK

Software Upgrade, Exhaust

Thank you for the work carried out on the Defender and for the assistance in getting everything arranged for my flying visit.  The car is excellent and puts a smile on my face with every outing.  It’s hard to believe that it can be so much more user friendly with just a ECU mod and an intercooler fitted.

Michael - Wigston, UK

Software Upgrade

My good lady wife brought the Land Rover in for the tune and to be fair, was always going to be the toughest critic when it came to noticing a difference.

She did… she called me as soon as she got home to tell me what a difference it has made.

I drove the Defender today, blimey…

It’s a completely different vehicle to drive, smooth, refined and a noticeable power increase across the range.

Thank you, from both of us.

Ian - New Zealand

Software Upgrade

I am very, very impressed with the Tune+. My vehicle is COMPLETELY different to drive and lots of fun. The serious side is that overtaking on single carriageways, as all of our roads are, is now much less of a problem and overtaking is much safer as the vehicle lifts off when the accelerator is pressed to the floor. Another Land Rover colleague of mine wants the upgrade on his 2007 TDCI 2.4. I know my son will also want to do it.  I expect to have more interest after this weekend and am willing to advertise locally, initially, and through word of mouth. That so far is only for Defenders. There are an ever increasing number of Land Rover vehicles and TD5 discos and RR sports are increasingly common. The problem will always be to get people to part with money – but that is the same anywhere.

Johnny - London, UK

Software Upgrade, Suspension, Sound Deadening 

I had a good journey back , the truck is now almost a car……..the suspension changes are unbelievable , the ride and road holding are transformed , and it now goes in a straight line when you take your hands off the steering wheel !!

Power delivery is much enhanced , and smooth , also it feels as if you have tweaked the clutch ?, as it is now more forgiving. I could have happily driven to Cornwall , cruising at 80 in 6th.

Please pass on my thanks to the team / engineers.

Cosmetically looks really good too, Mrs V is very happy , and has gone out this AM , so I await feedback on driving experience.

I will keep in touch, may have some mates who need some upgrades too!

Roberto - California, USA

Software Upgrade, Electronic Handbrake

The brake looks and handles beautiful, just as well as the intercooler [Software Upgrade Stage 2] kit

I am very happy that we were able to hook up with you guys and am sending copy to my other friends that also have the Defenders so that they can either acquire the Intercooler Kit ( for those that are still missing one ) and for the rest of them that would like the electronic handbrake kit.

Ricky - Philippines

Suspension Kit

The 90’s is back with me. First the good news: the suspension is awesome! Haven’t tried it on the highway yet but on city roads (imperfect is being kind) it has performed very well. I don’t feel like I’m riding a horse drawn carriage on unpaved country roads anymore. Rumble strips and potholes don’t threaten to crack my teeth anymore. It doesn’t lurch as much when turning. The ride has been transformed from worse than a pick up truck on leaf spring suspension (I’m comparing it to my Ford Ranger Wildtrak, not sure if you have that model across the pond) to much better than one. I’d say it’s about 80% of the G Wagen (I have one too).

Steve - Oxford, UK

Software Upgrade

Just thought I’d drop you a quick line about my JE The Tune+ Puma power upgrade.

To say I am pleased would be a tiny bit of an understatement. Having been driving it daily for a week now, I can report back that the upgrade has performed faultlessly and is truly *amazing*. Hats off to your development team – the power is delivered smoothly and in just the right places in the rev range. Urban driving – including roundabouts – is now handled effortlessly in 5th gear, and on country roads one need never change down from top gear. I never would have thought this possible – credit to the research that has enabled this in the 2.4 TDCi. I’m out working every day in the truck, and every day there’s a huge smile on my face. Well done!

Chris - Nottingham, UK

Software Upgrade, Exhaust

I know at the end of the day it is only a 2.4L, 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel, but the change in performance from the stock set up is impressive.  It did not take me long to realise that the engine is now much more responsive, and there is lots more torque available right up to when the speed limiter kicks in.  Acceleration is therefore very noticeably improved.  Unless on a hill (going up), I usually pull away from standstill in 2ndgear.  There is now only a slight hint of the ‘flat spot’ when pulling away, so a major improvement there.  If you gun it, you can now feel yourself being pushed back into the seat, which is an odd sensation, and one that is not to be expected in your average Defender!  The exhaust is actually a bit quieter than I expected.  No problem from my side, but I could cope with a bit more noise before the neighbours would be upset.  I sensed some vibration mid-range, which is probably down to the different form and fixings for the exhaust to the chassis of exhaust – I’m OK with that.

Thanks for organising things, and please pass my thanks on to the guy(s) in the workshop that did the handy work on my Defender today – good job.  I am very pleased.

Eduardo - Costa Rica

Software Upgrade

A year has gone since the installation of remapped ECU in my Puma engined Land Rover.
It is amazing the response of the car in any circumstance without sacrificing fuel consumption.

I really think it worth the money invested. Thank you to JE.

Paul - Hampshire, UK

Software Upgrade, Suspension, Brakes, JE D Type Wheels and Tyres

Just wanted to feedback to you my satisfaction with each and everyone of the upgrades you performed on my TD5.

The car has been transformed beyond my expectations in all areas; performance, handling and refinement.

And I absolutely love the new wheels!

It’s certainly opened my eyes to what’s possible with a Defender

Please pass on my thanks to everyone at JE who made this upgrade process a success.