Optional extras :

1) Vision safety pack.

2) JE wing-top and side vents.

3) LED headlamps.

4) LED small lamps, either in colours or all white.

5) Side steps.

6) Electric sunroof.

7) Interior trim upgrades, leather, quilting, alcantara, etc.

8) Exterior painting, complete external body refurbishment, colour change, etc.

9) Music, navigation, and other in-car electronics.


Price for this ‘standard’ Zulu² Specification : £55,000 +VAT

Zulu - Standard Specification

  • The following features and specifications constitute a ‘standard’ Zulu² build in a 90 or 110.


    Engine :

    JE 4.7 litre supercharged V8 based on JLR 4.2 S engine with original JLR spec supercharger, JE pistons and connecting rods, balanced, compression balanced, gas-flowed induction and cylinder-head ports, air filter and induction parts from ITG, engine driven viscous coupled fan, oil cooled by coolant heat exchanger, exhaust manifolds are cast 4-2-1 design, JE ECU, 200 c.p.i. catalysts, etc.

    460 bhp and 650 Nm.


    Gear box :

    Ford 6R80 heavy duty 4WD spec. (as for F150 V8). JE ECU. Drive, Sport, and Manual modes.

    Gear indicator in dashboard. Gearbox oil cooled by coolant heat exchanger. T800 gearlever.


    Transfer gearbox :

    Reconditioned with 1.0 : 1 high ratio, standard low ratio, and ATB limited slip centre differential, also lockable.


    Drivetrain :

    Heavy duty prop-shaft spec. Rear differential ATB limited slip with pegged crown-wheel. Centre differential ATB limited slip. Front differential 4-pin with pegged crown-wheel. Heavy duty half-shafts, CV joints, and end caps.


    Brakes :

    Front brakes JE 362 mm AP Racing discs with 6-piston AP Racing calipers, JE brackets and disc bells. 18” wheels are required to fit with these brakes.

    Rear Brakes standard dimension but with grooved discs and EBC green stuff pads.


    Handbrake :

    Electronically controlled hand brake system, integrated with gearbox and engine controls.


    Wheels :

    18 inch wheels, ‘Saw-Tooth’ black, ‘Saw-Tooth’ machined black/silver, or JE ‘D’ type 18 inch wheels, with 285/60 R18 tyres of a suitable type to be discussed.


    Suspension :

    JE Dynamic Supersport suspension set up. Spring choices to be advised depending on usage.


    Exhaust :

    All stainless steel construction. 200 c.p.i. catalysts, ‘Y’ piece 2 x 63.5 to 1 x 76.2 mm (O/D), 76.2 mm O/D system with twin tail pipes, main silencer to be ‘sports’ type, with quieter ‘touring’ type optional.

    Steering Wheel :

    Startech leather steering wheel, black leather, 360 mm diameter (Standard Land Rover wheel is 410 mm).


    Dashboard :

    Instrument cluster with JE logo, 7,000 rpm tachometer, MPH or KPH speedometer dial, and gear indicator display.


    Centre console :

    JE automatic style centre console trimmed to match car’s trim (may require additional charge), with twin cup holders and padded cubby box lid. Gear lever : T800 type.


    Cabin noise reduction :

    Full stage 2 JE sound deadening kit installed.

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