There is an art to efficiently reducing the noise inside a Defender. Clearly there are limits to refinement, but our main focus is on reducing the transmission of noise through the metal panels of the floors, doors, and roof. Flat metal panels must be prevented from resonating by the application of self-adhesive patches of foil-backed rubber material. On top of this, a layer of rubber/foam sandwich absorbs air-born vibrations and reduces sound reflections. Carpeting and soft headlining materials also help with noise absorption. We use a combination of Noise Killer and Dynamat products.


The Stage One Noise Reduction packages give the full treatment to the floor panels, through which most of the noises from the engine and drivetrain transmit to the cabin. The stage two packages add in work to the doors and roof, which tend to be more important in transmitting road and wind noise.

Noise Reduction - Sound deadening

  • Defender 90 Stage 1 – £1100 +VAT

    Defender 90 Stage 2 – £1695 +VAT

    Defender 110 Stage 1 – £1400 +VAT

    Defender 110 Stage 2 – £2300 +VAT