The Defender chassis has a lot in common with the Classic Range Rover chassis, so JE has been offering improvements for ride and handling of these cars since the 1980s. If there is one thing which really improves the day-to-day usability of a Defender, it is good dampers and springs. Springs and anti-roll bars are very much interconnected in terms of how they work together, and modern multi-rate dampers can greatly improve ride quality while giving confident handling. Our set up gives an excellent combination of ride and handling qualities, without making the rear too stiff, maintaining a safer balance in harder use. 


For the 90 we have noticeably softer springs to compliment the stiffer anti-roll bars, available in normal or reduced ride height (-30 mm). For the 110 (or 130) we use the stiff anti-roll bars, and a combination of different springs from the standard Land Rover catalogue, or some JE lower rear springs for vehicles which are rarely used with a lot of weight in the back or heavy trailer loads.


Both conversions use the excellent Fox dampers with remote reservoirs giving multiple damping rates to improve performance over short bumps and longer undulations in the road.

If you regularly load up your car with heavy items or tow substantial trailers, and if your car is fitted with some heavier accessories, we can advise on the best combinations of these parts for you.

JE Dynamic Pack - Supersport Kit

  • £1950 +VAT

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