The Defender chassis has a lot in common with the Classic Range Rover chassis, and JE has been offering improvements for ride and handling of these cars since the 1980s. For the Defender, high quality dampers and springs transform the day to day usability. Our Dynamic Packs give an excellent combination of ride and handling qualities without making the rear too stiff, thereby maintaining a safer balance in harder use. 


For the 90 we have noticeably softer springs to compliment the stiffer anti-roll bars, available in normal or reduced ride height (-30 mm). For the 110 (or 130) we use the stiff anti-roll bars, and a combination of different springs from the standard Land Rover catalogue, or some JE lower rear springs for vehicles which are rarely used with a lot of weight in the back or with heavy trailer loads. 


Both conversions use the excellent Fox dampers with remote reservoirs offering variable damping rates to improve performance over short bumps and longer undulations in the road. 


If you regularly load up your car with heavy items or tow substantial trailers, and if your car is fitted with some heavier accessories, we recommend fitment of the Supersport Plus adjustable damping suspension pack, matched to an appropriate spring rate. 



Remote Reservoir dampers front and rear supplied by Fox Racing, mated to JE Specification anti roll bars and matched to spring rates to suit your requirements. 


Defender 90: Available with normal ride height or 30mm lowered springs to give a more purposeful stance while slightly softer spring rates give an improved ride quality. 


Defender 110/130: A selection of spring rates are available, and this chassis application also benefits from optional 30mm lower springs at the rear to give a more balanced attitude. 


Supersport Plus 

All the benefits of the Supersport pack but with the addition of 10-position adjustable Compression Damping. This is especially useful for customers who tow frequently or carry roof loads, or even for those who mount a heavy winch at either end. Available for all chassis applications. 


For those who wish to maximise presence on the road, both Supersport and Supersport Plus packs are also available in a 2” uplift specification.


For added protection of the damper shaft from dust and stones we offer convoluted rubber gaiters. See the second picture.

JE Dynamic Pack Suspension

  • Supersport Suspension, fitted :
    £2,220 + VAT 

    Supersport Suspension, kit :
    £1,780 + carriage + VAT

    Supersport Plus Suspension, fitted :
    £2,680 + VAT 

    Rubber gaiters (4), fitted : £50 + VAT

    Rubber gaiters (4), kit : £35 + VAT