In conjunction with our wide range of mechanical improvements for Land Rover Defenders, we are often asked to work on the interiors of the cars as well. We don’t work with leather and Alcantara in our own workshops, but we can make CNC machined parts, so on a recent build we felt inspired to look at making new door handles and grab handles.


So now, for the first time ever, you can install a set of door handles, grab handles, and even the rear door handle (in station-wagons and hard-tops) all made to a unique and matched design and incorporating a very small ‘JE’ logo on the central rail in each one.


The machined finish leaves some witness marks from the fine and precise movements of the cutting tools to give a distinctive and characterful ‘functional’ appearance, while the overall shape reflects the ‘built for purpose’ design of the Defender body-work.


Currently available in silver or charcoal anodised finish. Priced per pair of door or grab handles and singly for the rear door handle. Work out what you need for your whole car interior, if you need all 11 handles for a 110 CSW you'll get a small discount.

JE door handles and grab handles

  • Pair of door handles                            £70.00 + VAT

    Pair of grab handles                            £110.00 + VAT

    Rear door handle                                 £85.00 + VAT

    Fitting cost is based on £22 per handle but may be incorporated into a complete re-trim costing.