If you have a tuned Puma Diesel engine, or if you frequently tow or take heavy loads in the Defender, or if you just think your original clutch has worn out rather quickly, we offer a heavy duty clutch assembly for 2.4 & 2.2 litre Defender Tdci models (2007 >). The clutch exerts 20% more pressure (with no increase in pedal weight) and the driven plate has a higher coefficient of friction and a higher temperature tolerance than the standard items, so it can deal with more engine torque and more challenging work conditions. Kit consists of pressure plate and driven plate only. New release bearing and cylinder, and hydraulic adaption parts are also available (POA).

Heavy Duty Clutch for 2.2/2.4 litre Puma Diesel

  • Kit Price: £235 +VAT

    Basic Fitted Price: £850 +VAT

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