You can have an engine which has one extra cylinder and one extra litre, compared to the original 2.2 litre Ford Puma engine. Also a Ford engine, the 3.2 litre TDi5 engine gives excellent torque output and useful extra power. We only fit this to Defenders which originally have the 2.2 unit, and we add either a heavy duty manual gearbox, or a 6-speed automatic.


Maximum power is more than adequate at 228 bhp (3,500 rpm), while maximum torque is a very strong 576 Nm (2,300 rpm). 430 Nm is available from 1,600 rpm. On this conversion we uprate the drive-line to include heavy-duty half shafts in both axles, and heavy-duty prop-shafts to take the drive to them.


This 5-cylinder engine has a very distinctive sound and gives your car huge reserves of driveable torque for towing and remarkable go-anywhere capability.

Engine Conversion 3.2 TDi5

  • 3.2 TDi5 Manual – £22,750 +VAT
    3.2 TDi5 Manual, no Air Conditioing – £22,350 +VAT

    3.2 TDi5 Automatic – £25,900 +VAT
    3.2 TDi5 Automatic, no Air Conditioing – £25,400 +VAT