This simple but high-quality product is made by our partners, Startech, in Germany. It is one piece of injection moulded plastic which fills the space between the tail-gate light-clusters and provides a symmetrical design and central number plate. A small amount of the original tail-gate surface must be removed before the new piece is installed. The part can either be finished entirely in gloss black paint, or it can be partly black and partly the body colour of the car (as shown). We can quote for non-standard finishes. Also available as a finished part with fitting instructions.

Discovery '5' Symmetrical Tail-gate Insert

  • Prepared and fitted, gloss black: £1,220 + VAT

    Prepared and fitted, black and colour: £1,375 + VAT


    Painted, for self-fitting, gloss black: £965 + VAT

    Painted, for self-fitting, black and colour: £1,120 + VAT