JE Engineering is one of the few companies outside of the main car manufacturers capable of installing a fully electronically controlled automatic gearbox. We use a Ford 6 speed unit which is available in a range of sizes and torque ratings, selecting the most appropriate one for each application. It is obviously a huge convenience to have automatic transmission for driving on busy roads and in urban areas, and the JE system offers ‘Normal’ ‘Sport’ and a manual ‘Tip-Tronic’ mode, to get the best out of the car in all circumstances. For off-road driving the use of the ‘Tip-Tronic’ mode is usually best, and in severe conditions the low ratio of the transfer box can be selected. Normal mode uses the engine torque to give good acceleration while making smooth progress and maintaining the best fuel economy. Sport mode allows more engine rpm to give more power for faster driving. Manual ‘Tip-Tronic’ mode gives you full control of gear changes for fast driving, but it is also useful in circumstances where a low gear should be held, such as when towing or when climbing a steep winding hill.


The 6-speed automatic gearbox is available as a conversion on the 2.2 and 2.4 litre Puma Diesel engine Defenders from £10,150 Exc. VAT, and is also available as an option with all of our different engine conversions.


We recommend the Software Upgrade on the Diesel engine with this conversion, and both the Electronic Hand Brake, and JE Dynamic Suspension package compliment the gearbox very well. The picture shown depicts a typical installation with special trim and switch for the electronic handbrake, but neither of these are included in the price of the standard automatic gearbox conversion. 

6 Speed Automatic Gearbox Conversion

  • £10,150 +VAT