Defender 110 300 Tdi Renovation

This Defender 110 300 Tdi is having JE’s excellent 2.3 GDiT turbo petrol engine and a modern 6-speed manual gearbox fitted, as well as several other modifications that will significantly improve its performance and handling. Before we can install the new upgrades, however, there’s some restoration work to do on this 25 year old car.

Most of the chassis is in quite good shape, with mostly just surface rust, but underneath there are a few areas where the rust is very bad. We’remaking carefully shaped steel repairs parts from 4 mm thick steel, and welding these to repair the chassis. The body work in the footwells is also rusted. We’re making sheet steel repair parts and welding these in. While doing this we would recommend treating other rusted areas with rust inhibiting primer paint, then a light coat of paint, and finally treat all these areas with ‘Waxoyl’ – a waxy oil which hugely reduces the rate of rusting.

While we’re on about rust, we found the brakes to be in bad condition, with heavily rusted brake pipes, therefore new brake pipes will be fitted to improve driving safety, and discs and calipers will be renewed as necessary. With no anti-roll bars as standard, and rusty main springs, we have recommended a JE suspension kit, this would mean new springs, JE dampers and anti-roll bars, making the steering and ride quality hugely more stable and comfortable.

The axles have a variety of oil leaks, and the front differential is rather loose, so thorough axle rebuilds are being undertaken.

As always with any older car there are numerous little areas to tidy-up, repair, and improve, but we’re not intending to turn it back into a new car, it will still be a bit rough around the edges.