A Plus 8 Morgan visits JE

This Brunswick Green Plus 8 was specially built for its Swedish owner by Colin Musgrove’s team in the late 1980s. It has a 4.5 litre V8 EFI engine (the parts were supplied by JE), with beautiful sand-bent exhaust manifolds, and a twin-throttle plenum (which necessitates a rather special inlet duct). For improved stopping it has big front brakes with 6-piston APR calipers as well as disc brakes on the rear axle.

For suspension it has special dampers, including coil-overs for the rear axle, still using leaf springs, but with reduced leaves, and a 4-link axle location arrangement to engineer a smoother ride while preventing axle tramp. There’s a nice under-tray added to the body at the front which improves airflow through the radiator and oil cooler.

What these extensive modifications create is a Morgan that provides more of a grand-tourer experience. It is much more capable than a standard Plus 8 in terms of power, handling, and stopping.

The proprietor of JE did a lot of work with Musgrove’s organisation in those days, and is still a Morgan owner and enthusiast, so JE seemed the ideal place to bring this car when it needed some TLC and gearbox work after providing nearly 30 years of fun for the family who commissioned it and still own it today.

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