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 What we do

JE Motor Works has been working with Land Rover & Range Rover products for over forty years, making us one of the most experienced tuning and modifying specialists in the world. JE use this capability to offer enhancements for a wide range of classic and modern vehicles, improving performance and driveability for modern day driving conditions 


Our work is centred around Land Rover Defenders but the same engineering principles are applicable to other models in the range as well as cars made by Morgan, TVR, Westfield and Marcos (and others) that base their powertrain on the classic Rover V8. 

Our expertise on that engine has been built up over 4 decades, and we have also amassed capabilities with the excellent supercharged Jaguar V8, the Ford and Roush V8s, and several more engine types as well. 


For high performance we offer conversions producing over 600bhp and torque to match. Supercharged V8 engines give effortless acceleration from idle to the red line and refined, relaxed cruising on long journeys. We can upgrade brakes and chassis through a collection of JE designed parts so that modified cars will stop and handle as well as they go. With our services, you can future-proof a cherished car, keeping up with new developments while retaining the charm and character of earlier times. 


The popular art of Resto-Mod – restoring an older car, while improving and up-dating it for modern use, is becoming more commonplace. We can supply and fit modern petrol engines to older cars, together with modern 6 speed manual or automatic gearboxes. 

Again, we can offer brake and chassis updates to compliment the new engine package. This can update and vastly improve the driveability of an older design and modernise the emissions figures to keep a car viable in modern conditions. 


We also offer a reverse engineering service where we can design parts to function as originally intended but ultimately replacing parts lost through failure or corrosion and where replacements are sadly unobtainable.

JE ECU Electrical Panel
We have extensive experience in software upgrades for all Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles, both petrol and diesel. Please click the link or call us to discuss what we can do for your car.
Roush Engine JE Motorworks
JE has decades of advanced engineering experience and we apply those principles to your engine. We offer engine development to include Rebuilds, Forced Induction (Turbo and Supercharging), Fuel conversions (Diesel to Petrol), Fuel Injection services (direct and indirect) and carburettor services for fast road and competition engines. We also offer services for emissions and legislation (future proofing). JE have the facilities (including engine testing) to ensure your engine is in peak condition.
JE Gearbox
As a renowned engineering and development specialist with decades of experience in road and competition drivetrains, JE can design, build or adapt virtually any component that transfers or manages power or torque between flywheel and wheel hub.
We offer conversions from manual to automatic gearboxes and also offer transfer box upgrades. JE have extensive experience in ensuring your driveline is working as efficiently as possible.
Suspension kit 17.7.20.jpg
We make Defenders stop, ride and handle in a manner few would think possible. A Defender will never be a premium saloon in terms of road dynamics, but we have decades of experience changing driver and passenger expectation in all environments from race tracks to urban streets. That expertise translates into an ability to understand and address similar issues across a range of other vehicle.
JE Zulu Defender Interior
JE applies techniques and experience amassed over decades into our products and has made significant investment in advanced design and production equipment.
Defender 110 JE

JE Motorworks offer the full range of Land Rover servicing facilities. We are equipped with the genuine Land Rover diagnostic computer system ‘Testbook’ and a comprehensive collection of specialist tools allied to a team of highly experienced technicians. Where possible, our pricing is normally below that of the authorised dealer network and we only fit OEM or comparable quality parts to ensure maximum reliability. 

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