JE Bespoke Service

The JE Bespoke Service allows the true Land Rover enthusiast to design without compromise.

The Land Rover of your dreams is the one we’ll build you, with your vision and our world-renowned engineering and restoration skills working hand in hand. The bespoke experience puts you right at the heart of the design, and through ongoing collaboration with our Bespoke Consultancy Team, the end result will be a Land Rover that retains as many of the classic features as you like, while incorporating the latest technology to build a drive that’s truly fit for the future.


Every JE Bespoke commission is an incredibly rewarding process that allows the client to take hold of the development and engineering process of a Land Rover restoration and upgrade programme. Clients can approach this from two angles: JE MotorWorks can source and supply a vehicle to your requirements from across the globe. Alternatively, you can supply your own vehicle and begin the process of developing the Land Rover of your dreams. The possibilities are endless.


In your initial meeting with our consultants, we’ll find out what your dream Land Rover looks, feels, and drives like, and where you want to land between classic and contemporary. Your JE Bespoke Defender is a reflection of your own passion, taste and experience. The goal of the JE Bespoke programme is to allow your personality to shine through in the finished product, as a vehicle you will cherish for the rest of your life.


Your dream is only limited by the boundaries of engineering, and you’ll be in charge of every element of the build, from the smallest to the largest decision, including:

  • A choice of five powerful engines
  • A luxury interior designed to your exact specifications
  • Braking options to suit your performance needs
  • Custom built six-speed manual gearbox with customised JE shifter
  • Suspension and brake options to suit the drive you’re dreaming of
  • Technology upgrades including wrap-round panaromic glass


At every stage our team of experts, with decades of experience, collaborate with you and guide you in creating a Land Rover to match your vision. We’ll make suggestions where we can, and be guided by your overall ambition for your vehicle.


As we near the end of the build project our team of experts work with you to customise your vehicle down to the very smallest detail.

With every element of your bespoke vehicle finalised, your dream Land Rover Defender is handed over in the finest possible condition.

You’ll drive your completely bespoke, absolutely unique, one of one Land Rover out of our workshop.



A JE Bespoke commission can be specified with a choice of five engine options. In each case, the specified powertrain is complemented with the installation of an ITG ‘Maxogen’ Induction System designed in collaboration with JE to produce the greatest possible results from every single vehicle.

  • 2.3L GDiT EcoBoost (Euro-6c Approval)
  • 3.5L Rover V8
  • 4.8L Rover V8
  • 5.0L Rover V8
  • 4.7L Supercharged V8
  • 5.0L Supercharged ‘LS3’ V8


The JE Bespoke Service puts you at the centre of the design process, and offers you the chance to input on every possible design element – because when we say bespoke service, we mean truly customised to create your dream vehicle. Every bespoke Land Rover receives a fully customised interior, with seats and interior trim designed to your exact specification, in collaboration with JE Motorworks’ team of product specialists.



The JE Bespoke Service offers a range of braking options to suit a range of performance requirements. As standard, each JE Bespoke vehicle is fitted with a performance braking system designed in collaboration with JE MotorWorks and AP Racing to provide minimal fade and maximum stopping power.



The JE Bespoke Service fits as standard a custom-built six-speed manual gearbox with a customised JE shifter. This vehicle can also be re-specified with a semi-automatic Tiptronic gearbox calibrated to your requirements.


Suspension & Wheels

JE MotorWorks offer a range of suspension and brake options to suit the type of drive you’re dreaming of. Whether you’re set to conquer rural terrains or cruise cityscapes, the choice is yours.

As standard, the JE Bespoke Service fits our on-road performance-focused JE SuperSport Suspension System, significantly improving the ride, handling, performance and comfort. However, you can also opt for a JE SuperSport RS, or 4-inch Lift Kit specification, which lower the ride height by 1 inch or raise the ride height by 4 inches respectively.



The interior can be adorned with as few or as many of our technology upgrades as you like. Bespoke audio systems, tinted wrap-around panoramic glass, or full custom body kits – the only limit is your imagination.