Engineering Services

JE Engineering is more than 40 years old, and over that period has demonstrated an extensive record of designing, developing and validating an extensive list of automotive component manufacturing and engineering solutions. 


Today we support business clients through our Engineering Consultancy with prototype design, build and validation. This work is backed up by expertise in scanning, 3D printing, and CNC machining as well as dynamometer test facilities, workshop assembly and maintenance services. 


Recent work has varied from hybrid drive and energy recovery systems, to prototype axle widening, to redesign and optimisation of inlet manifolds with innovative CNC port-shaping, and to significant enhancement of charge-cooling efficiency. We also cater for the individual by re-engineering one-off projects including Flywheels and Timing Rings, Sensor Mountings and brackets, all manner of reverse engineered components and bespoke engineering studies. 

Clients include OEM and 1st and 2nd tier suppliers, Automotive R&D companies, Classic Car restoration and modification specialists, and Motorsport teams and suppliers. 


We are a small organisation which sometimes limits the types of projects we can take on. Where some larger organisations address larger projects, they can sometimes become less efficient. We pride ourselves on managing smaller projects at short notice in an efficient manner with great results. Our work is valued for our ability to produce a timely response without heavy investment. 


JE Engineering are almost unique in offering a complete professional engineering service of component design through to manufacture, to both automotive trade and private enthusiast. Call us or use the email enquiry form below with your design problem/brief. We can work from old (broken) components which we can 3D Scan, re-design and manufacture or 3D print if required. Prototypes, one-offs, batches and limited production runs are our speciality. We can even work off your simple sketches, cardboard templates and reverse -engineered drawings. JE Engineering have the experience, ability and a team of enthusiasts to assist you with your automotive projects. 


Business-to-Business projects are very often confidential so our range of commercial products viewable elsewhere on our website is the best indication we can give of our expertise. However, a gallery of some of our work is indicated through the 'component design and development' link.

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The experience of our staff has been instrumental in optimising design and manufacturing a surprising range of components. The ability to rapidly produce a working prototype for initial feasibility and evaluation studies has cut both cost and delay from our clients’ projects. Scanning, 3D printing, machining, fabrication and assembly facilities support the engineering design capability to provide a one-stop, in-house solution.

Our Facilities


This technology is now well-known for the ability to make prototype parts for visualisation and temporary test facilitation. In some cases, these printed items can be good enough for finished production parts. Having these in-house facilities allows our engineers to work with clients in a cost effective manner without incurring excessive tooling costs.


3D CAD design. Our staff understand whole vehicles and bring their wide experience to bear in automotive engineering CAD work.


Perfect for the restoration business, Aqua-Blasting is a metal cleaning and finishing process which produces a very fine matt finish. Our machine is set up with the correct medium to clean aluminium components, but can be used on iron or steel with good results. The image shows an iron bracket from a Land Rover Diesel engine before and after treatment. Parts for cleaning must first be cleaned of all loose material, and the Aqua-Blast process is used to remove the more stubborn dirt, stains, and paint marks. Trade and retail enquiries are welcome.



Accomplished engineers working closely with skilled machinists and direct access to modern 1 m travel 4-axis equipment provides us with excellent capability to accelerate clients’ projects.


Multi-camera laser scanning provides excellent surface capture capability for components and space/packaging evaluation. Analysis and CAD-import software provides accessible data.