Engine Conversions


3.2 TDi5 Conversion

Our 3.2 TDi5 conversion, available on post-1999 Defenders, involves installation of 3.2 in-line 5-cylinder Ford power unit featuring variable vane turbo, JE 3.2-specific intercooler and JE-designed ITG induction system, all controlled by a bespoke ECU. Output: Approx 228bhp at 3300rpm, torque 576Nm at 2300rpm, with 430Nm available at 1600rpm. Transmission is either heavy duty Ford 6-speed manual or JE-developed Ford 6-speed Tiptronic auto, with a JE-designed centre console and electronic gear lever; we recommend and install JE strengthened prop-shafts and big 6 pot calliper front brakes.

V8 Conversions

Our V8 conversations include Rover V8 4.5 (originally 3.5, 3.9 or 4.2), 4.8 or 5.0 litre (originally 4.0 or 4.6) engines, and, depending upon whether carburettors or fuel injection are specified on the Rover V8, a reliable 250-350bhp, and 400-450Nm, and for motorsport, we can exceed 400bhp. JLR and Roush V8 installations for the Defender take matters into an entirely different dimension with outputs of up to 650bhp and 800Nm.

Defender 2.3 EcoBoost GDiT, Gasoline Direct Injection Turbo

Future proof your Defender. Current-day demands dictate that every vehicle range needs to have a model that pushes emissions and economy to the fore, even if that’s a relative concept when it comes to Defender. But a combination of JE know-how and engineering capability, and the availability of increasingly-impressive OE manufacturer powerplants, has led to our latest development for the Defender, JE’s Petrol 2.3 GDiT.
Based on the Ford Mustang 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine, our 2.3 Gasoline Direct Injection Turbo engine is very quiet and smooth, but gives a very responsive drive from 307 bhp and 432 Nm. Your Defender can be legally certified as a petrol vehicle, with excellent performance and good fuel economy. Manual or Auto gearbox available.

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