COVID-19 Statement

We are living through unusual and difficult times, and our foremost concerns are to do what we can to enhance the safety of individuals and the community, in the face of a contagious and dangerous disease. Our staff are all back on site now, unless required to be away for quarantine or other isolation, as advised by the Government, and we are supporting them where we can. 2020 is unlikely to be a good year financially, but at least we are supporting our community through paying income tax, national insurance, and through generating VAT.


JE Engineering offers a number of different types of service, but broadly speaking we do some manufacturing, and some car maintenance and repair work. The Government have not at any time suggested that manufacturing industry should close down, and in the retail sector, garages are among the types of business which they have always suggested should stay open. Consequently JE Engineering has been operating as comprehensively as possible throughout, given the obvious constraints on this.


Within our workshop we are applying principles of hygiene more stringently, distancing ourselves, and we are also using masks where appropriate, all to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission. We also have in place suitable precautions to receive and return customer’s cars here with the minimum of contact and massively reduced transmission possibilities. Finally hand sanitiser and masks are available in our reception area, and we have a separate waiting area for customers who need it.


We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers, and other associates for their support, and we would offer our very best wishes to all in this difficult period. Stay strong, well, and safe.