About Us

Regarded as the most experienced Land Rover & Range Rover tuning and modification specialist in the world, established in 1975, JE Motorworks offers a wide range of performance and styling enhancements for classic and modern examples, and prides itself on its innovative approach to improving and updating vehicles to better cope with the demands of today’s road conditions.

The company’s reputation has been established through its work with Land Rover Defenders, Discoverys, and Range Rovers, although the same techniques and expertise cross-over to other manufacturers. These have included models produced by Jaguar, Morgan, TVR, Westfield, Marcos and many more.

When it comes to engines, JE Motorworks’ expertise of working with the classic Rover V8 over four decades has allowed it to become a specialist in this field. We also developed special Rover V8 engines for the Paris-Dakar Rally, supplying the Works Range Rover team and later the Bowler Wildcat vehicles, proving competitive against teams with much larger budgets, and we never experienced an engine failure. Our huge experience has enabled the company to extend its capabilities to the Jaguar, Ford and Roush V8 units, as well as several more varied powerplants.




In recent years JE Engineering has become the leader in Land Rover modifications developing a wide range of upgrades from performance diesel tuning for standard engines up to our bespoke range of ‘Super Defenders’ including our 460 Bhp ‘Zulu’. In 2012, we became UK agent for the Startech range of body styling parts and accessories for the most modern Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. We have used these exciting styling products together with our engine tuning as a basis for our ‘Dakar’ models of Range Rover vehicles.

If performance is the priority, then the company offers engine conversions with over 600 bhp on tap – and torque to match. These include supercharged units which provide the most seamless and responsive acceleration of all, together with smooth and refined cruising for longer journeys. A range of upgrades for brakes, suspension, and chassis are also available, which means the cars can stop and handle as well as they go.

JE Motorworks also specialises in the genre known as ‘Resto-Mod’. This is the art of restoring an older car, while subtly improving and updating specific mechanical elements to make it more relevant and reliable for modern-day use. This includes the supply and installation of contemporary petrol or Diesel engines, 6-speed gearboxes, manual or automatic, suspensions parts, brakes, wheels, and well-appointed interiors. These improvements make dramatic differences to performance, handling, driveability, emissions, and comfort.

Whatever upgrade package you choose, JE Motorworks enables you to future-proof your cherished possession, personalise it for purpose, keeping it on trend with new technology, and extending its working life, while at the same time retaining the charm and character of the original vehicle.

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